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Dr Sue and You

Ode to Miss Lou... From the Soul of Dr. Sue

Ode to Miss Lou... From the Soul of Dr. Sue

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This book “"Ode to Miss Lou – From the Soul of Dr Sue"” is deeply inspired by Jamaica’'s most beloved poet and cultural ambassador, Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley.  This book is for all seasons, all generations and all people.  The poems in this book are meant to educate, uplift, encourage and further the understanding of Jamaican culture and humor. It chronicles the life of the author, as a young, black woman, Dr. Suan L. Davis, living outside of Jamaica, post-high school, and takes you through her journey of diverse experiences, emotions and personal challenges. This book is a compilation of 50 poems documenting significant moments throughout the years, culminating in the author’s 50th birthday jubilee and Jamaica’s 50th independence. “ Fifty years is noteworthy as in biblical terms it represents a time of celebration, a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings.”  

The poems in this book were assembled to provide a resource conveying material that can be utilized for: bedtime reading; social occasions, school and church recitals; as well as ‘leading’ discussion topics.  To that end, this book does not have to be read cover-to-cover to be effective.  There are three themed sections for easy access; “Ode to Miss Lou,”– written in the vernacular; “My Soul,” –introspective, and “Let’s Talk,”– provocative. Jamaican Phonetic Glossary included!

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