Wheat Germ Oil 16oz

Product Description
$ 20.00

COLD PRESSED WHEAT GERM OIL 16oz by The Herbal Tea House.  This organic wheat germ oil is cold pressed (not heated), to ensure you will get the full benefits of wheat germ oil.  Wheat Germ Oil harmonizes the entire human machine making certain that the brain, nerves, muscles, glands, organs, work together consistently as a smooth winning team as long as we live.

Cold Pressed Wheat Germ Oil is excellent for circulation and oxygenation.  It reduces scarring of the lungs.  One (1) tablespoon of cold pressed wheat germ oil taken internally is equivalent to being in an oxygen tent for 30 minutes. People who suffer from Asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cigarette smokers, will benefit from wheat germ oil.  Wheat Germ Oil has powerful antioxidant properties.  It naturally contains oil that cannot be manufactured by the body.

For beautiful oxygenated skin, use this wheat germ oil on your face and all over your body as your daily moisturizer.  

Directions:  Take 1 to 2 tablespoon daily.  

Ingredients:  pure Wheat Germ Oil only.


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