Walkerswood Jamaican MILD Jerk Seasoning Carib Ackees and Oxtail Stew Seasoning (Pack of 3)

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Get ready to cook Jamaican style with this 3-Piece combo of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, Ackees and Oxtail Stew Seasoning.

Use Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican MILD Jerk Seasoning 10oz for your traditional Jamaican style of barbecuing. You may rub this jerk paste sparingly into meat and leave overnight for best results. Then grill or roast slowly. Adjust amount used to your taste.

ACKEE is Jamaica's national fruit and along with saltfish (codfish) and breadruit, it is Jamaica's National Dish. CARIB JAMAICAN ACKEES 19oz is as authentic as you will get, mostly firm as we like it. Ackee is a delicious fruit enjoyed both as an exotic delicacy or as an entree and is a great meat substitute for vegetarians. When cooked, Ackee resembles scrambled eggs and has a somewhat similar taste.
Ackee trees are found across the Island, but the main producing areas are the parishes of St. Thomas, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth.Made in Jamaica.

Take your oxtail dish to the ultimate level of flavor with CARIB OXTAIL STEW SEASONING. A classic blend of herbs and spices, which captures the passion and authenticity of traditional Caribbean cuisine.

This combo is just right for your Caribbean kitchen and great for any time of year.

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