Tropical Holistic 24K Gold Rose Water "Hydrosol" Facial Toner 4oz

Product Description
$ 18.99 $ 19.99
  • YOUR SKIN LOOKS BETTER & FEELS GREAT with this proven 100% Pure Organic Rose Water from Bulgaria enriched with 24K Gold. This is the beauty and health treatment your skin craves. This Rose Hydrosol balances and restores your skin's pH and soothe irritated inflamed skin or scalp.
  • MADE WITH REAL 24 KARAT GOLD - NO ADDITIVES, GMO's, or SOLVENTS. You can sleep well knowing this product does NOT contain Alcohol, Preservatives, Hexane, peanuts, soy, or gluten. Use with complete confidence. A greatt solution for benefiting your skin and overall health.
  • GENEROUS 4 OZ DARK AMBER BOTTLE keeps light out and all the goodness in while insuring your Rose Hydrosol remains fresh. It's just naturally infused with real gold. These are all the basic nutrients your body needs to rejuvenation - especially for younger looking, healthier skin.
  • JUST RIGHT FOR SKIN & HAIR USE. We don't use any added chemicals or preservatives. Keeps fresh for up to 12 months. If product is not used frequently it's recommended it be stored in a refrigerator after use. This is top quality 100% distilled.

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