Sunny Isle Organic Jojoba Oil 4 Oz

Product Description
$ 10.99
similar to the natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp.  
Sunny Isle Organic Jojoba oil will penetrate the hair shaft to loosen and dissolve sebum build-up. Thus the scalp and hair follicles are cleansed and function normally. Use this Organic Jojoba Oil to prevent hair from falling out and banish frizzy dull hair! A few drops of jojoba oil in your conditioner is all it takes to have added smoothness. Regular application of Sunny Isle Organic Jojoba oil goes a long way in tackling tangles, split ends and dry hair. A light coating of Sunny Isle Organic Jojoba oil on the hair keeps it shiny and glossy. A hot oil treatment with jojoba oil is just what your hair needs.  Organic Jojoba Oil is used for all hair types. Protect and rejuvenate your skin this summer with Sunny Isle Organic Jojoba Oil. Use this Jojoba Oil to help lighten scars and reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.  SOLD WITH FREE 2OZ APPLICATOR BOTTLE
Sunny Isle is a Jamaican owned/operated business.
Vendor : Sunny Isle

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