Shavuot Cerasee, Soursop and Turmeric Tea 24 Tea Bags (Pack of 3) Variety Combo

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Shavuot Jamaican Cerasee, Soursop and Turmeric Teas Variety (Pack of 3)

Cerasee or Bitter melon has been used in traditional folk herbal remedies throughout certain regions of the world. Although parts of the plant can be incorporated in cuisines, it has been mainly used specifically in the Caribbean as a tea to treat particular ailments. Bring water to a boil. Pour hot water on the tea bag in a cup. Brew for 4 minutes or to desired strength. Remove tea bag and sweeten to taste.

Soursop also known as Annona muricata or Graviola is a well known tree throughout the Latin America and Caribbean regions for which it is used for both its culinary and alternative benefits. Although it is known for its fruits, the leaves and bark is also used as a herbal tea that has been consumed throughout generations. Shavuot Soursop Leaf Tea is made of naturally grown soursop stem, leaf and root so you get the full range of benefits from the entire plant. Every plant is grown, picked and processed in Jamaica using the highest standards for consistent quality.

This Turmeric tea has the same standards of quality and taste you have grown to know and expect from Shavuot. This Turmeric Tea is made from pure Jamaican Turmeric, harvested on site to ensure freshness and quality of taste. Turmeric which is regarded as a super-food is well-known for its antioxidant properties. Have it warm with your milk of choice or pair with with lemon for iced tea.

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