Shavuot 100% Natural Jamaican Cerasee Cinnamon Peppermint Tea 24 Bags Variety Combo (Pack of 3)

Product Description
$ 8.29

Enjoy this 3-Pack Variety Combo of Shavuot's 100% Natural Teas from Jamaica.

Cerasee or Bitter Melon has been used in traditional folk herbal remedies throughout certain regions of the world. Although parts of the plant can be incorporated in cuisines, it has been mainly used specifically in the Caribbean as a tea to treat particular ailments.

Shavuot Cinnamon tea delivers the strong aromatic experience you expect as well as the taste of traditional Jamaican cinnamon to your cup. Cinnamon tea is a home staple known as a super food with various health benefits.

Shavuot's Peppermint tea is also a home staple and recognized globally for its incredible strength and richness in quality commonly used as a home remedy for a myriad of ailments.

Vendor : Shavuot

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