Ruby Rich Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake 24oz

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Ruby Rich Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake 24oz is a product of Jamaica. This rich and dark tradition holds the promise of pure pleasure! Share the experience! Baked fresh in Jamaica and shipped via Express Mail directly to you in the USA! A perfect gift idea!
Ruby Rich Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake is delicious and a little decadent and is much sought after throughout the island! It is slowly baked with rum and wine soaked fruits. Ruby Rich rum fruit cake is a moist combination of wine soaked fruits, including Jamaican Sorrel and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ground pimento (All Spice). It is made from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients. Premium Jamaican Rum and Red Wine are used to soak fruits.
Rum Fruit Cakes are often enjoyed at Christmas and at the New Year, however, Ruby Rich Rum Fruit Cake is now available throughout the year shipped to you directly from Jamaica. As with aging wine, Ruby Rich Rum Fruit Cake improves with age. It can be refrigerated or frozen. It is best served at room temperature with your favourite hot wine or rum sauce.
Dimension: Approx. 4.5"x 2".  Shipped securely to preserve its freshness and to protect this treasure in transit!  Delivery typically expected in 4 - 6 business days via Express Mail. 
Ingredients: Wine soaked fruits (raisins, currants, prunes, sorrel), Flour Sugar, Eggs, Butter Rum & Spices
Vendor : Ruby Rich

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