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Ponder This! Notes: 52 Mini Messages in a Tin

Ponder This! Notes: 52 Mini Messages in a Tin

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These 52 Motivational mini-notes with quotes and thought-provoking questions were created to help you manage your STRESS and overall personal growth.

Use daily or as needed to motivate, inspire the possible and redefine the impossible.

Packaged in a small 2" x 2" durable aluminum tin, they are...

  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE because the tin can be carried in your pocketbook, in your car or display on your desk without taking up space
  • EASY TO READ because the focal card can be seen through the window on the ring's cover (see picture).
  • ADD AESTHETIC beauty to any home or office decor


  • Shuffle and choose one to start your day. This is how many of our customers have said that they use them (see reviews).
  • Use as an icebreaker for an event or when you have friends over!
  • Therapists and other helping professionals use with their clients to help them to take an introspective look and gain insight
  • Show your appreciation to dinner guests - give each a Ponder This! Notecard as a giveaway
  • Use to uplift others - just have them choose one from the tin. In most cases, people chuckle because what they chose is exactly what they needed at the time.
  • Use as a giveaway at conferences and other events

Tin Size: 2 ins. x 2 ins.
Card Dimensions: 1.85 ins wide x 1.85 ins long
Material: Cardstock Paper and Aluminum Tin

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