Peppermint Essential Oil 13ml by Healing Blends

Product Description
$ 9.99

Peppermint Essential Oil 13ml by Healing Blends.  100% pure; imported from India.  Peppermint has been used by many ancient cultures including the Greek, Chinese, Egyptians and Am. Indians. The Romans often wore crowns plaited with peppermint leaves to keep their minds clear and focused and for its detoxifying effect. 

One of the ten most important essential oils, Peppermint is known for its effect on the digestive, respiratory and circulation systems. Excellent for fatigue and depression, it is also good for dry coughs, sinus congestion, bronchitis, flatulence, vomiting, headaches, rheumatism and muscle aches. 

Blends well with Lavender. 

  • Body - Cooling
  • Excellent for fatigue and depression
  • Imported from SPAIN
  • Mind - Clarifying 
  • Mind - Energizing
  • Aroma - Menthol

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