Om Patchouli Incense 15 grams

Product Description
$ 2.49

Om Patchouli Incense 15 grams (approximately 10 hand-rolled sticks). If you want flash back to the hippy 70's this will transport you back, made with real patchouli essential oil!  Patchouli incense has been found to help soothe the nerves in the body and makes the nerves stronger.

This incense is a blend of floral oils combined with the finest natural resins, honey and wood powders. A fair trade product made with sustainable natural materials, hand crafted in India.

This products features the following benefits:

  1. Fair Trade products
  2. Slow burning, each 8" stick burns for 1 hour
  3. Natural honey based incense
  4. Made from 100% sustainable raw material
  5. Packaging made from recycled board
  6. Eco friendly biodegradable packaging

Indian OM: "The word Om and the ancient sanskrit symbol represent the sound vibration that created the universe."


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