Matouk's Soca Hot Sauce 10oz

Product Description
$ 3.99

Matouk's Soca Hot Sauce is from Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies. Hotter than all the other flavors (except for the incendiary Matouk's Flambeau Matouk's) Soca Hot Sauce is seriously hot thanks to the aged pickled scotch bonnet peppers that are the main ingredient in this thick and flavorful hot sauce.

Matouk's Soca features the traditional mustard base and adds West Indian herbs plus cane sugar for authentic island flavor that complements the fiery heat from the scotch bonnet peppers. You can use this hot sauce on any dish to add tropical (but not fruity) flavor and fire especially hamburgers and sandwiches and grilled meat chicken and seafood. If you enjoy Matouk's Calypso and wish it had more of a peppery kick then Matouk's Soca Hot Sauce is the sauce for you! 

Vendor : Matouk's

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