Jamaican SCOTCH BONNET PEPPER Jerk Seasoning and Pepper Powder Variety 3-Pack

Product Description
$ 14.43

Cook like a real Jamaican with these traditional seasonings and sauces created from real Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers! This 3-Piece combo features Jamaica's finest: Eaton's SCOTCH BONNET Jerk Seasoning 11oz, Carib Yellow Crushed Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce 5oz and Shavuot Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder 1.3oz.

Whatever you choose to create in your kitchen may require 1, 2 or all of these to enhance the natural flavors of your meats, vegetables and side dishes with the irresistible flavor of Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers! Get yours today

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