Island Treasure Jamaican Pepper Sauce GIFT Pack

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Enjoy the taste of 4 of ISLAND TREASURE'S authentic JAMAICAN PEPPER SAUCES... or gift this combo to another lover of Jamaican cuisine!

  • PAPAYA PEPPER SAUCE 5oz:  Sweet Jamaican papaya fruit and spiced with habanero peppers, onions, vinegar, and other spices. It is marvelous with all types of foods, meats, fish, and poultry, adding true magic to any dish.
  • WILDFIRE SAUCE 5oz.   If you like it extra hot with flavor for that unique taste, then "Wildfire" is for you!  This hot sauce is made with habañero peppers and spices, and is great with meat or fish.  
  • SPICY JAMAICAN HOT SAUCE 5oz.  Made from mangoes, peppers, sugar, onion, tomatoes, chayote, and Jamaican spices aged in barrels to deliver that mouth-watering taste and aroma that discriminating chefs and gourmets require.
  • HOT PEPPER SAUCE 6oz.  Made from habañero peppers, a uniquely flavorful hot pepper, and is blended with vinegar, sugar, and Jamaican spices.


  • First place for Best Hot Sauce at the Caribbean Gourmet Magazine’s 5th Annual National Fiery Foods Challenge
  • First place for Best Hot Exotic/Specialty Papaya Pepper at the Food Distribution Magazine’s 1st Annual Salsa Shoot-Out
  • First place for Best Hot Exotic/Specialty Jamaica Wild Fire in the 1st Annual Salsa Shout-Out sponsored by Food Distribution Magazine

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