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Dr Sue and You

I Am Jamaica

I Am Jamaica

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I Am Jamaica is a collection of poems written in the rhythm of the Jamaican vernacular and speaks primarily to its culture and heritage by Dr. Susan Lycett Davis (Dr.Sue)

“This volume then, is something every Jamaican ‘born an grow’
anyone with Jamaican heritage of whatever ilk living anywhere, or anyone with an interest in Jamaica, should read - in fact ‘de whola unno, shoulda read.’
You will be greatly entertained and informed.”  — Father Easton Lee - Author, Folklorist, Jamaica Cultural Ambassador, Priest.


SUSAN LYCETT DAVIS – DR SUE - “British by birth, Jamaican by choice and American by naturalization.”
"I teach…empower…facilitate learning….I EDUCATE
I write…perform…act…I ENTERTAIN
I support…volunteer…assist…I ELEVATE
But…as I recently stated in an interview, I am simply and most importantly, a daughter, auntie, cousin, friend…a child of God!  Secondly, I am an educator, author, writer, poet, storyteller, speaker, community and cultural activist.  I am a human resources practitioner, having chosen this career path because of my passion for the welfare of people and desire to champion the cause of the voiceless.  Whether I am identified in my role as Dr Sue, Dr Davis, or simply Susan…my objective remains the same – to serve, entertain, educate and elevate."
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