Guinea Hen Weed Tea (100% Roots and Leaves - Jamaican Anamu Tea)

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100% pure Guinea Hen weed (Petiveria alliacea) a.k.a. guinea weed, Anamu or gully root is indigenous to Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America.  This unique herb is well established in Jamaican folklore and heritage.  The benefits of this natural (ITAL) product made from the roots and leaf of this plant have been passed down to every generation of Jamaicans.  It is said to kill cancer cells, reduce inflammation, reduces free radicals, kills viruses, expels worms

Serving per tea bag = 1 cup.  Prepare hot and drink cold - an ideal thirst quencher.

  • kills cancer cells
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces free radicals
  • kills viruses
  • expels worms
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