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Fountain Mighty Roots with Jamaican Pimento and Black Castor Oil 4oz

Fountain Mighty Roots with Jamaican Pimento and Black Castor Oil 4oz

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Sale Sold out is pleased to introduce another of Jamaica’s gifts to the world, another fabulous “Fountain” innovation!

Restore, renew or grow back thinning or non-existent edges with "FOUNTAIN MIGHTY ROOTS"!!!

“FOUNTAIN MIGHTY ROOTS” is an organic deep nourishing oil rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.  This blend precipitates strong, healthy hair follicles due to the increase of blood flow to the crown and vital nutrients. The triple force action of Jamaican black castor, wheat germ and pimento oil is exactly what your dome needs to get to the root of your problem! Toxins and bacteria are eliminated naturally to stimulate new hair growth both in length, volume AND maintain strong hair roots!

Just shake well, thoroughly massage into your dry, damaged, stressed & polluted tresses maximum 3 times per week for a massive transformation! Use as a pre-poo treatment or add a little to your regular conditioner for use as a co-wash.

For strong, mighty roots, look no further than “FOUNTAIN MIGHTY ROOTS” – you owe it to your roots!

INGREDIENTS:  Real black black Jamaican castor oil (rincus communis), Wheat germ oil (triticum vulgare), Argan oil (Argania Spinosa), Pimento leaves (Pimenta officinals



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