Eaton's Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Red Crushed Peppers and Jerk Sauce 5oz (Pack of 3)

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$ 11.97

This is a great variety 3-Pack for your kitchen or purchase as an authentic Jamaican gift. EATON'S JAMAICAN (RED) CRUSHED PEPPERS 5OZ is ALL NATURAL, and a delicious addition to any meal. Eaton's Crushed Pepper is best used on MEATS or mixed into a SAUCE, GRAVY, SOUP or DIP mixture for a burst of flavor. EATON’S YELLOW SCOTCH BONNET PEPPER SAUCE 5OZ adds the fiery flavor of Jamaica's most famous peppers; a must for any dish that could use some heat. EATON’S JAMAICAN JERK SAUCE is a fine table sauce! Perfect for use on steaks or as an ingredient in soups, dips and stews.

Vendor : Eaton's

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