Eaton's Jamaican HOT Jerk Seasoning 11oz and HOT DRY Jerk Seasoning Rub 3.7oz

Product Description
$ 10.98

Try this excellent combination of Eaton's HOT Jerk Seasoning 11oz paste and Eaton's HOT DRY Jerk Seasoning RUB 3.7oz.

Eaton's Jamaican HOT Jerk Seasoning is 100% all natural and "Hot". Eaton's capture's the true taste of Jamaica and the West Indies in these fine, rich JERK seasoning. Use Eaton's Jamaican HOT Jerk Seasoning paste on chicken, pork, beef, fish and vegetables!

Eaton's Dry Jerk Seasoning Rub HOT is flavorful and will enhance any jerk dish to bring out the authentic jerk taste. Best used on meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and soups. It is also excellent on french fries and potato wedges.

Product of Jamaica

Vendor : Eaton's

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