Carib Jamaican Ackees and Callaloo 19oz (2-Pack)

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$ 13.98

Get both this Ackees & Callaloo Combo for the perfect traditional Jamaican breakfast.

Carib Jamaican Ackees are from Jamaica. Ackee is Jamaica's national fruit and along with Saltfish (Codfish) and breadruit, it is Jamaica's National Dish. It is a delicious fruit enjoyed both as an exotic delicacy or as an entree and is a great meat substitute for vegetarians. When cooked, Ackee resembles scrambled eggs and has a somewhat similar taste. Ackee trees are found across the Island, but the main producing areas are the parishes of St. Thomas, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth. Product of Jamaica!

Carib Jamaican Callaloo is chopped in salt water. The Callaloo plant is a leafy green vegetable very similar to Spinach. This nutritious vegetable is delicious steamed by itself or with saltfish (codfish); and may be used as a garnish or as an accompanying vegetable. An excellent and tasty vegetarian dish, it's also a rich source of Vitamin A, iron, calcium and vitamin B2.

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