Carib Jamaican Ackee Saltfish Callaloo Festival Breakfast Combo

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Here are the makings of The Easy Traditional Jamaican Breakfast!

Our Carib Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish Breakfast Combo features firm Jamaican Ackees, Callaloo, Festival Dough Mix and premium Canadian salted cod fish (boneless) that delivers the flavor you are longing for!  We top this off with a delightful blend of Jamaican natural fruit in Carib's Tropical Fruit Punch Drink.

Here's what you get:

  • 1 x Carib Jamaican Ackees 19oz
  • 1 x Carib Jamaican Callaloo 19oz
  • 1 x Carib Festival Hellshire Delicious Dough Mix 16oz
  • 1 x Sans Souci Canadian Salted (Boneless) Cod 16oz
  • 1 x Carib Tropical Fruit Punch Drink 13.8oz

Bring this fantastic traditional combo home today or gift this to someone who misses their Caribbean home and we will ship to them directly! They will thank you forever.

(Saltfish is refrigerated & packaged with cooling packs in speedy transit)

Vendor : Carib

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