Carib Dry Jerk Seasoning 5oz

Product Description
$ 3.99

Check out the best in real Jamaican "Dry" JERK Seasoning.  It's spicy, great for barbecue and will the traditional Jamaican jerk flavor you want on your chicken or pork etc.

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Jamaican Escallion, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Pimento (allspice), Onion, Jamaican Thyme, Black Pepper and other spices.

Recipe:  Add 1.5 tbsp of Carib Dry Jerk Seasoning to 1.5 lbs of chicken or pork.  Marinate for 30 minutes.  Slowly cook on grill or oven. A tip from Carib; marinate overnight with mushoom soy and vegetable oil to enhance the flavor.  (No preservatives)

Vendor : Carib

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