Break Free 52 Mini Note Cards, Tips, Inspirational Quotes

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"I think we all agree that life can be stressful at times and we all need a word of encouragement now and then to help us through those trying times. This tin of inspirational quotes and tips are meant to do just that - help us to BREAK FREE! They are 52 Tips to escape from those self limiting thoughts that so often hold us back." Faith Saunders, author of BREAK FREE: 52 TIPS TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR SELF IMPOSED PRISON

Use these mini note cards as daily reminders of what you're working to accomplish, encourage, inspire and challenge your thinking.  They are packaged in a small tin so that you can keep them on your desk, in your car or easily carry them with you anywhere!  All quotes and tips are from the book BREAK FREE: 52 TIPS TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR SELF IMPOSED PRISON (also available here!).  The quotes and tips in the book and of course in this set of mini cards are famous reminders from Faith Saunders and other great, inspirational and movitational speakers, authors and history makers of our time. You will resonate with them!

Tin size: 2" x 1" x 2"
Content: 52 inspirational quotes and tips

A gift that keeps on giving!

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