Black Seed Oil - Black Cumin Oil Virgin and 100% Organic 4oz

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Black Seed Oil - Black Cumin Oil Virgin and 100% Organic 4oz by Healing Blends (certified organic, sourced in Israel):  

Black Seed Oil has been revered as a medicinal herb for some 4,000 years.  It is also known as the Blessed oil in the Middle East and has its history of healing recorded in both the Bible and the Koran.  In some communities it is said that Black Seed Oil cures everything except death.

Black Seed Oil or Black Cumin Oil is extracted from the seeds of the flowering Nigella Sativa Plant. It contains over 100 valuable nutrients, 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates and 35% plant fats and oils.  A potent nutritional supplement, it strengthens and balances the immune system, regulates metabolism and cholesterol, detoxifies, improves circulation and promotes healthy liver function. It is taken also for the effective treatment of asthma, diabetes, candida, ecoli, hepatitis, headaches, toothaches, nasal congestion, respiratory problems, digestive upset, AIDS, cancer, fever, flu, allergies.

This oil is also used topically as an anti-inflammatory and for cramps, pains and spasms. Also as a chest rub for respiratory problems and skin ailments such as acne and eczema.

With so many topical and internal uses it is no wonder a vial was also found in the tomb of Tutankhamun as well as was widely used by Cleopatra and Hippocrates, the father of western medicine.


  • For internal use - 1 teaspoon per day as a nutritional supplement. Not recommended internally during pregnancy. 
  • For external use - Massage into skin and scalp for skin ailments and hair growth. Can also be used as a carrier oil especially for therapeutic treatments. Add 6-15 drops of essential oils to each tablespoon of Black Seed oil.

Healing Blends products are created by a Jamaican of Asian descent.

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