Baron Green Seasoning Hot Pepper Sauce and Banana Ketchup 14oz 3-Pack

Product Description
$ 16.57
Try this 3-Pack of Baron's Green Seasoning, West Indian Hot Sauce and Banana Ketchup at your next family gathering. Baron Green Seasoning is real time and energy saver! This exotic combination of tropical herbs and seasonings adds a fresh unique flavor to food and makes it so easy to serve the most tempting dishes.Barons of St. Lucia's Classic All-Natural West Indian Hot Sauce follows a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, in which Scotch Bonnet peppers were beaten with seed mustard. Baron's unique ketchup is the combination of bananas and exotic herbs and spices to produce an authentic Caribbean flavor. Incredibly delicious. Add an exotic flavor to your Marinades, BBQ or any dish. Excellent as a dip.
Vendor : Baron

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