Arabian Coffee Scrub Affirmation Soap

Product Description
$ 4.50

Arabian Coffee Scrub Coldcrafted Affirmation Soap - "I Change Myself, I Change my World"

Coldcrafted to retain the efficacy of the ingredients while lasting twice as long. This exfoliating foot and body scrub is made from Arabian Mocha coffee beans, pure cinnamon oil and honey to polish and refresh the skin. It is antibacterial, deodorizing and recommended for all skin types. 90 grams. 100% vegan and earth friendly and reiki enhanced ( trade-marked )

Ingredients - oatmeal and olive oil, organic shea butter, coconut oil, camellia, purified water, cinnamon oil, honey, camellia sinesis extract, arabian coffee grounds, glycerin, tocopherol

Healing Blends products are created by a Jamaican with Asian lineage.


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