Chief Hot & Spicy Duck Goat Curry Powder Roasted Geera and Green Seasoning 10oz Variety 3-Pack

Product Description
$ 16.99

Get this Variety 3-Pack of CHIEF brand top ingredients for cooking like a Trinidadian.

1 x CHIEF HOT & SPICY CURRY POWDER 8oz is specifically blended for your DUCK and GOAT dishes. Curry Duck has become one of the most popular meats to curry and enjoy. Use this authentic duck/goat curry powder to bring out the richest flavors in your meats. Enjoy with roti and more.

1 x CHIEF GREEN SEASONING 10OZ is made from herbs grown in the hills of Paramin, North Trinidad. Great as a marinade or table spice.

1 x CHIEF GROUND ROASTED (CUMIN) GEERA 8.1oz. Cumin tastes good in all Mexican and Indian dishes like curries. Try Chief Roasted Geera with pickles, cabbage, meat stew, some cheeses, tomato based sauces.

Vendor : Chief

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