Argan Oil 100% organic (argania spinosa) 4oz

Product Description
$ 23.99

Healing Blends 100% Pure, certified organic Argan Oil 4oz sourced in Morocco.  Cold pressed from the raw kernels of the argania spinosa nut, Argan oil is super rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E. It is effective in the treatment of cold sores, psoriasis, acne, scar tissue and burns; and effectively diminishes the appearances of wrinkles making the skin more youthful and radiant.  Because of the high omega 6 and 9 content, Argan oil is also effective in reducing swellings, relieving tired and tense muscles and stimulating circulation.

HOW TO USE:  Use Healing Blends Argan Oil confidently by itself for skincare, massage or as a carrier oil with any of our essential oils.  For use as a carrier or base oil, add 6-15 drops of your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend to each tablespoon of Argan Oil

100% certified organic and cold pressed

Healing Blends products are created by a Jamaican of Asian descent.

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