Jamaica’s Love Affair with Pimento 

Jamaica’s Love Affair with Pimento 

Pimento essential oil has been earning a reputation among healers and natural herbalists. “Pimento” has rich history with Jamaica and many of the products offered at ExoticGlobalProducts.com are distinctly known for this incredible ingredient.

Pimento is Jamaica’s only indigenous spice, and the essential oil is considered the best quality in the world. Jamaicans use pimento in just about everything we cook, stews, rice and peas, meats, porridges, liquors and much more. The oil, leaves and berries are traditionally used in herbal medicine. Over a thousand years ago the Arawak Indians in Jamaica, now called the Taino People, swallowed the pimento berries whole for medicinal purposes and used it in their cooking. Over 500 years ago the Spaniards laid claim to pimento and called it “pimienta,” the Spanish term for pepper.

Why is pimento best known as “Allspice”?  The British later changed the name to “pimento” and referred to it also as “Allspice” because it had the flavor and aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves all rolled into one! Later, pimento became a key ingredient in the cooking of meats, not only in the sauces, but in the use of the pimento wood that was used in the slow cooking of meats to give it that distinct flavor. This was the birth of what is now famously known as “Jamaican jerk cuisine.” At ExoticGlobalProducts.com we offer several world-renowned brands of Jamaican “jerk” seasonings and sauces, such as Walkerswood, Eaton’s and Carib, that brings the distinct flavors and traditions into your home.

Step outside of our kitchens and Jamaicans continue to revere “pimento” for its health benefits. Today, we include pimento oil, leaves, and sometimes even the berries, in several remedies and formulas now used for a myriad of health and hair benefits. The leaders of our Jamaican Black Castor Oil industry, such as Fountain Oil, and Sunny Isle have taken pimento to new heights for health and hair. Let’s delve a bit deeper so you may understand how our pimento oil products may be great additions to your family’s health.


  • Topical Anesthetic/Relieves Aches & Pain: With the ability to numb, pimento oil is frequently used for pain management among those with achy muscles, injuries or joint conditions. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to reduce swelling due to bug bites, scrapes, stings or arthritis.
  • Kills Harmful Bacteria to Prevent Infections: Naturally antiseptic, pimento oil has also been known to disinfect topical wounds and eliminate as internal bacteria. It helps ward off sickness and “Staph” infections.
  • Boosts Blood Flow/Stimulates Circulation: Believed to energize and invigorate the body's cellular system, pimento oil has shown signs of boosting circulation and balancing hormones and enhancing metabolism.


  • Stimulates the Scalp to Promote Growth: The energizing qualities of pimento oil make it a great choice for those struggling with hair loss. It revives the scalp to encourage faster hair growth.
  • Fortifies Follicles & Strengthens Strands: Pimento oil has also been found to make hair grow stronger and longer. It revitalizes by replenishing the hair with vital nutrients. 
  • Nourishes & Locks in Healthy Hydration: The nourishing powers of pimento oil are amazing! Proven to powerfully lock in moisture, this all natural essential oil refreshes dull locks to give them a healthy shine.

There are plenty of other benefits associated with pimento oil. It can be used to help grow out eyebrows, for internal detoxification and ayurvedic healing. Offering a spicy fragrance that relieves stress and inspires tranquil thoughts, pimento oil is also commonly used for homeopathic aromatherapy and scent therapy.

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