Cerasee Tea Health Benefits

Cerasee Tea Health Benefits

Cerasee (Momordica charantia) medicinal herb also referred to as bitter melon, is a plant that is native to Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean. This medicinal herb had been introduced to Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean by way of African slaves. Cerasee is a creeping herb which grows freely on fences and on the ground and the flowers are yellow and orange. The Cerasee fruit can be eaten and is typically very sweet when ripe.

In the Caribbean a tea made from the dry Cerasee leaves and vine is used for diabetes, high blood pressure, worms, colon cleansing, dysentery, bellyaches, laxative, cramps, diarrhea, malaria, purifying the blood and other serious ailments. There are those who believe that it may aid in people suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Others use Cerasee tea as a tonic and remedy for colds, fevers and pains due to arthritis and rheumatism. In some countries cerasee is cultivated as a vegetable and cooked as a leafy vegetable. A tea of the root of Cerasee can be used to expel kidney stones. The juice of the ripe Cerasee fruit, which contains valuable enzymes and minerals, is often taken for diabetes.  

Today Cerasee tea is available in tea bags. Shavuot Farms Jamaican Cerasee Tea is available at www.exoticglobalproducts.com.  

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